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Solar System Upgrades

How to upgrade your solar PV panel system

There are several ways we can upgrade your solar system for even better results and energy independence. You can choose to do one or all, depending upon the condition of your system and how much extra energy you need to generate:

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    Add more solar panels

    Obviously, this is dependent upon how much space you have to install the panels, but solar systems are usually fairly flexible, and can be added to bit by bit if needs be. Bear in mind that adding extra panels isn’t just dependent upon how much roof area you have, but how much weight the roof can support as well.

    Buy a new inverter

    If you’re adding extra panels, you will normally need a new inverter in any event, unless your existing inverter is more powerful than was necessary when you bought it. String inverters have an average lifespan of ten years and tend to be the cheapest option.

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    Repair Solar PV Panels

    Add solar battery storage

    A solar battery will allow you to store the excess energy your pv panels produce for later use, for example, during the night. This means that you’ll be dramatically less reliant on the prices set by the National Grid, helping you move even further towards complete energy independence! They also ensure you have emergency backup energy, so you won’t have to worry about losing power during an outage.

    Add a solar diverter

    With a solar diverter, you can make the most of the surplus energy generated by your solar panels by transferring it to your immersion heater. This, in turn, stores hot water in your tank for later use in your taps, radiators, and underfloor heating.

    By utilising all the power generated by your panels, the diverter reduces your reliance on grid electricity and helps to lower your energy bills even further.

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    Update your old solar system

    If your current solar system is old, inefficient and not producing as much power as it should, it may be time for a review and an upgrade. It could be money well spent

    Things may have changed in your household that means you require more power – an extension to the building or the family, or even a new roof. You may have acquired an electric car, or feel committed to becoming as “green” and eco-friendly as possible.

    If your solar panel system is using a traditional string inverter then all of your panels will only work as well as the weakest panel. This type of inverter is outdated and may be hindering your system’s output.

    You may have decided to change your system from simply power generation to solar thermal to reduce hot water and central heating costs.

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    Solar PV Panels Glare

    What does a solar panel upgrade cost?

    We are committed to the policy of making every effort to repair rather than replace, because every new Solar Panel that is manufactured comes with its own carbon footprint.

    Our engineers have worked on a wide range of Solar Panels produced by numerous manufacturers, so you can rest assured that they will find the most economical solution to your Solar Panel problem, whatever they are.

    We can help you to assess the efficiency of your system and provide written suggestions as to how best to optimise it, and the cost involved. Call us today on 0330 124 2941.