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Solar Panels for the Public Sector

Solar panels offer numerous benefits to public sector establishments, including cost reduction in energy bills and support in achieving sustainability targets. No matter which area you’re in charge of, installing solar panels enables you to reap excellent economic, environmental and reputational advantages.

Make significant savings on your energy bills and help build a greener future

At Solar Service Solutions, we’re experts in providing customised and cost-effective solar panel systems to the public sector. Our primary focus is on delivering installations that align with your cost and green energy objectives Whether your facility requires ground-mounted or roof-mounted panels, we have the capability to design and install a PV system that will reliably serve your premises for decades to come.

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    Why should the public sector invest in solar panels?

    Installing solar panels can significantly reduce electricity bills for public sector buildings, including schools, hospitals, council buildings, banks, government offices and public housing. By generating clean and renewable energy, funds can be saved on energy consumption and allocated to other areas.

    Significantly reduce your energy costs

    By harnessing the power of sunlight, solar panels generate clean and renewable electricity, offsetting the need for traditional energy sources. This translates into lower utility bills and long-term savings for public sector establishments.

    Reduce your carbon footprint

    Solar power also reduces your dependence on fossil fuels. This means that organisations can reduce their carbon footprint and help contribute to the UK’s climate change targets. Using renewable solar power will also help in meeting your sustainability targets.

    Better energy security

    Ensure the security of your establishment during National Grid failures by incorporating a solar battery into your system, granting you a dependable backup energy source when you need it most.

    Lead by example

    Implementing solar power in public sector buildings can help raise awareness about renewable energy in the community. It provides an opportunity to educate the public about the benefits of solar energy, climate change mitigation, and sustainable practices. Public sector organisations can lead by example and inspire the public to adopt renewable energy solutions themselves.

    Encourage the public sector’s transition to more renewable energy. To enquire about a solar panel system for your establishment, contact our friendly and professional team today on 0330 124 2941.

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    Why choose us for solar panel installation?

    Whether for a hospital, military building, school, or public housing, solar panels are the future of renewable energy in the public sector.

    At Solar Service Solutions, we are experts in solar energy, with a strong commitment to excellence. Our dedicated team will assess the energy demands of your building, working with you to install a solar system that is highly functional and cost effective.

    We have already successfully designed, supplied and installed quality solar systems for various properties throughout the South, and tailor our approach to your individual budget and requirements.

    To provide peace of mind and protect your investment, our workmanship is backed by a 5-year warranty and our panels are protected by a 30-year guarantee. Furthermore, we are proud members of the IWA Deposit & Guarantee Protection Scheme which will ensure the warranty remains fully covered, even in the unlikely event that we cease trading.

    We offer two purchasing options for our solar systems: a Standard Purchase Agreement (SPA) or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With the standard option, the system is paid for upfront – the PPA option provides an alternative approach. Read on for more information.

    Unlock cost-free solar panel installation through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    A PPA gives you the option to lease your roof space to us in exchange for free solar panel installation. In return, we’ll provide you with the produced solar energy at a discounted rate. A PPA typically lasts 10 – 25 years and during this time we’ll manage all maintenance and repair costs. A PPA can therefore be a very cost-effective way to embrace solar energy.

    When the contract ends, there are several options available. The system can be removed if it’s no longer needed, the PPA can be extended, or there will may be the option to purchase the solar system outright.

    For more information on our solar panels installation for the public sector, don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 0330 124 2941 – we are happy to help!

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    By adopting solar power, you will not only enjoy financial savings on your bills but also showcase your dedication to a sustainable future. It’s a mutually beneficial choice that promotes both your establishment and the well-being of our planet.

    Ready to take the next step? Book a free property survey online or give us a call on 0330 124 2941 today. Our team is here to support and guide you throughout the entire process. Let’s embark on the journey together!