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Bird-proofing your Solar Panels

The best way to clean and clear birds from your Solar PV Panels is to use a professional Solar Panel service and maintenance company.

You will obviously not want your birds to return to their roost under the solar panels, so after we have repositioned them, we will put in place defensive protection against the birds.

These can take the form of netting, spikes, metal or PVC mesh, proprietary solar panel skirting, and bird blockers – the choice of bird preventer will depend on the installation.

Cranes on Solar Panel

Removing birds from under your solar panels

If you do have a colony of birds under your solar panels we can help.

Our fitters and engineers will carefully remove the panels and supports, thoroughly clean and sanitise the roof and inspect for signs of damage, clean the panels and remedy any faults, and then reposition the panels.

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    Birds and solar panels

    Solar PV panels and solar thermal systems should have come with all the ancillary fittings and technology that will deliver the return on investment that you were hoping for when you bought them.

    Unfortunately, they often come with unexpected – and unwanted – new visitors, who can easily turn into new neighbours or even residents if nothing is done to remove or deter them.

    We are talking about birds, and in particular, pigeons. You don’t need to have visited Trafalgar Square to notice how easily, and comfortably urban pigeons have adapted to the built environment, and you may have noticed the spikes, wires and other devices that building owners and occupiers have had to install in order to prevent the pigeons defacing their property.

    But it’s not only their “calling cards” that can cause problems. If they like a space that they have found, they will build their nests and raise their young there and encourage all their friends and family to come and do the same. One of their preferred safe spaces is between a house roof and the solar panels that have been installed there, which can cause problems, and as is often the case with property, “problems” equals costs.

    Pigeons on Solar Panel
    Pigeons on Solar Panel

    The problem of pigeons and solar panels

    We’ve mentioned the “messages” that all birds can leave around; they are unsightly, unhealthy, corrosive and, where Solar Panels are concerned, can adversely affect the efficiency of a solar installation system.

    Their presence can also:

    • Cause damage to the roof tiles or slates
    • Attract bugs, rodents and other vermin that could enter your property
    • Keep you awake at night, walking around and cooing
    • Result in bitten wires and scratched surfaces

    What does it cost to remove birds from solar panels?

    The cost of removing pigeons or other birds from your Solar Panels will depend largely on the following factors:

    • How many solar panels there are, and what their size is?
    • Ease of access: how much scaffolding is likely to be needed.
    • The condition of the panels; how many need to be repaired or replaced.

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    Pigeons on Solar Panel

    The best way to clean & clear birds from your Solar PV Panels is to use a professional Solar Panel service and maintenance company.