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    Solar Service Solutions are the South’s go-to choice for domestic solar PV installation. With years of experience working with solar technology, we know how to design a bespoke system optimised around your energy usage, helping you make huge savings on your home’s energy bills both now and in the future.

    We offer a free home survey and competitively priced quotes, so don’t hesitate to contact our team of solar experts today! We install mounted, integrated, and flat roof solar panels.


    Save up to 70% on your energy bills with Solar PV!

    It’s no secret that energy bills have skyrocketed over the last year, and with no sign of prices coming down any time soon, it’s becoming increasingly important to cut down on spending where possible.

    That’s where solar panels come in.

    By installing solar panels on your home, you’ll be able to reduce your reliance on the National Grid by generating your own energy, slashing your energy bills by up to 70%!

    Profit from stored solar energy

    But the benefits of solar panels don’t stop there. Initiatives like the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) mean you can actually get paid for exporting unused solar energy back to the grid if you have a solar battery system. Not only can you save on your energy bills, but you can make money whilst you do!

    With so many reasons to invest, there’s never been a better time to make the switch to solar. Ready to get started? Contact our team of solar specialists today on 0330 124 2941.

    solar panels on roof
    Solar Panel Installation on a Roof in Corfe Mullen

    VAT on solar panels scrapped until 2027!

    Switching to solar power is now more affordable than ever! The government has scrapped all VAT on solar panel installations until 2027 as a way of encouraging people to invest.

    We design solar panel systems that are optimised to your home and energy usage to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.

    Optimised residential solar systems

    Our team aim to provide a stress-free process. From the initial free survey, through to design, quotation, installation and even after care, our solar experts will be by your side every step of the way to offer professional guidance and advice.

    Get in touch online or call us on 0330 124 2941 to discuss new solar panels for your home with one of our experts.

    0330 124 2941.

    domestic solar panel installation

    Play your part towards a greener future

    Solar panels generate free electricity by using the most eco-friendly energy source available: daylight. It’s a fantastic way to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, leading to benefits like:

    Reduced greenhouse gas emissions: Solar panels generate electricity by harnessing a clean and renewable energy source. They don’t produce any greenhouse gases or other pollutants, which are the primary contributors to climate change.

    Cleaner air: Burning fossil fuels releases harmful pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the air. Solar panels release no emissions, reducing pollution and improving air quality.

    Preserved natural habitats: Fossil fuel extraction and production can cause immense damage to natural habitats, like woodlands and oceans. Choosing solar reduces our reliance on these activities and helps protect these delicate ecosystems.

    Find out how else a solar system can benefit you and the planet by contacting our team of domestic solar panel experts today on 0330 124 2941.

    solar engineers at work

    Achieve energy independence with a complete solar service

    A domestic solar system can help you achieve energy independence by allowing you to generate your own electricity from sunlight, reducing your reliance on the grid. It gives you the power to:

    Generate your own electricity

    Through solar panels, you can generate your own electricity from sunlight, which means you won’t need to be beholden to the grid. This can help reduce your energy bills and protect you from power outages or fluctuations in electricity prices.

    Store & profit from excess energy

    If your solar system generates more electricity than you need, you can store the excess energy in batteries. This means you can use the stored energy when your solar panels aren’t producing as much electricity, such as at night or during winter. Alternatively, you can sell your surplus energy back to the grid for a yearly profit.

    Heat your water for free

    With a solar immersion diverter, you can use the energy generated by your solar panels to heat your water tank, greatly reducing your reliance on your boiler.

    Aside from installing panels, we can install a whole range of solar system upgrades that take your green energy products to the next level. Call us today to arrange your free site survey on 0330 124 2941.

    Why choose us as your domestic solar installation company?

    At Solar Service, we pride ourselves on the qualities that put us head and shoulders above the competition: responsive customer service, competitively priced quotes, and outstanding end results.

    Our experienced team have a deep understanding of all parts of a solar system, from panel installation to performance optimisation. With decades of combined experience in the industry, you can count on us to provide you with a professional and friendly service every step of the way.

    Proven Track Record

    Having installed solar systems for homeowners all across the South, we’ve built up a strong reputation for quality over the years – check out our Checkatrade account to read some of our glowing client reviews!

    30-Year Guarantee

    Our solar panels are backed by warranties of up to 30 years. In the unlikely event of a fault or breakdown, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with being fully covered.

    Personalised Approach

    We always take a bespoke approach when working with you. We take your energy usage and property size into account when designing your PV system, so you can get the best value both now and into the future.

    Fully Accredited

    We have all the relevant accreditations to work in the solar sector and adhere to all safety and quality standards. Some of the many institutions we’ve been certified by include:

    • MCS
    • Checkatrade
    • TrustMark
    • TrustATrader

    Ongoing Support

    We can provide ongoing support long after your panels have been installed, including a range of maintenance, monitoring, and repair services.

    Ready to join the solar revolution? To arrange a free site survey and get a no-obligation quote on solar panel installation, call our team today on 0330 124 2941! We also install in-roof solar panels if you are looking for the most sleek solution.

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