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Solar Panels for Housing Associations

Finding ways to reduce energy bills through solar power benefits both you as a housing association and your tenants. With the opportunity to use your allocated maintenance budget to install solar panels, you can decrease the amount of energy that needs to be purchased from the grid, and reduce the amount you need to subsidise on your tenants’ bills.

Help your tenants save on their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions

Through these savings, you can lessen your overheads and/or offer tenants the option to lower their energy bills, making your housing a more desirable prospect. You’ll also be able to advertise your business’ green credentials and dedication to sustainable energy.

At Solar Service Solutions, we understand the importance of providing housing associations with a seamless and efficient solar panel design and installation service. Request a free survey and quote using the contact form below or call us on 0330 124 2941 today to get started!

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    Why housing associations should invest in solar panels

    Here are just some of the reasons for housing associations to install solar panels:

    Reduced energy bills

    Solar panels cut the monthly/annual outgoing costs for housing associations and tenants by lowering utility bills. Reduced energy bills mean a decrease in subsidies, freeing funds for further community projects. Associations can also choose to pass on savings to residents, easing fuel poverty and improving public image.

    Greater energy independence

    By harnessing the power of the sun, housing associations can reduce their dependence on external energy sources and take control of their electricity generation.

    Positive community image

    Solar panels cultivate a positive community image for housing associations, showcasing their commitment to sustainability. By harnessing clean energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and promote environmental responsibility. This resonates with residents, attracting environmentally conscious individuals to your properties.

    Sell surplus energy

    Surplus energy generated by solar panels can be sold back to the National Grid under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme. This provides an opportunity to generate additional revenue, benefiting your association and supporting other operations.

    Get the benefits of solar power for your housing association and start reducing the amount being paid on your properties’ energy bills. Get in touch with our team today on 0330 124 2941.

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    Why choose us for your solar panel installation?

    As the South’s leading specialists in solar energy, Solar Service Solutions takes pride in delivering tailored systems to match your needs. Our experienced and accredited team will collaborate with you to install a high-performance solar system, considering your production and building requirements to achieve optimal results.

    With our extensive experience in designing, supplying, and installing solar systems for various properties, we have an in-depth knowledge of the necessary planning and processes required for a successful fit-out.

    Plus, you can rest assured knowing that our workmanship is backed by a 5-year warranty, and our panels are covered by a 30-year guarantee, providing complete peace of mine. Furthermore, as members of the IWA Deposit & Guarantee Protection Scheme, your warranty remains secure even in the unlikely event that our business closes.

    When your housing association purchases solar panels from us, you’ll own the system outright and will be able to make use of all the energy generated with no contracts or shared-ownership schemes. Our solar panels offer an excellent way to start reducing bills across your properties ASAP.


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    By investing in a solar system, you can reap substantial energy savings whilst demonstrating a commitment to responsible energy usage and a greener future. This financially astute and eco-friendly choice benefits both your housing association and the planet. Begin your solar journey today by requesting a free survey online or calling us at 0330 124 2941!