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Commercial Solar Panel Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Solar Service Solutions Ltd have been working with commercial property owners across the UK to unlock the potential of their roof space via our unique fully funded commercial solar panel Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) model.

Investing in a commercial solar panel system can be a big investment with a large upfront cost. However, a PPA offers a solution where you and your business can benefit from commercial solar panels without worrying about the initial costs.

Discover how our PPA scheme could help you reduce energy bills and become an eco-conscious business. Contact our experts on 0330 124 2941.

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    What Is A Commercial Solar Panel Power Purchase Agreement?

    Our deal with energy users is all about the power of the sun and saving you money – no matter what sector you work in!

    As experienced commercial solar panel installers, we are experts at creating solar panel systems that generate enough electricity for your needs. However, we know that not everyone can afford the initial costs of solar panel installation.

    With our agreement, we will own and manage the solar panels on your business’s roof and will buy the power we generate and sell it to you at a special discounted rate. This rate stays fixed, so you can rely on a flat rate for your energy for the duration of your contract with us, saving cash when compared to fluctuating electricity prices from the Grid.

    It’s a win-win; good for your wallet and the planet!

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    Commercial Solar Thermal and PV System

    Discover The Benefits Of PPAs

    Our PPA installation benefits include:

    • Fixed pricing from 15pkw
    • No indexation – Prices will never increase from those agreed at the start of the contract
    • 5-year break clauses
    • Anytime refinance or buyback option for the original quoted price after 12 months
    • Market discounted rate from 5 to 25 years
    • Lock in your electricity price to future proof against market volatility
    • Improved EPC and BREAM ratings on buildings

    By installing commercial solar panels through a PPA scheme, you can reduce your energy bills and dependence on the National Grid and count on a fixed rate energy price.

    Speak to our experts to learn more about our energy rates and book a free feasibility study. Give us a call on 0330 124 2941.

    Solar Panels Installation on a building

    How Our PPA Scheme Works

    When undertaking a commercial solar panel PPA with us, we design, install and fund the complete solar system, including the battery system (up to £5 Million). We sell you back the electricity, typically at 40-60% cheaper than your current utility provider.

    We want to make commercial solar panels accessible for everyone, so there will be no upfront costs and no debt, and you can typically halve your electricity bills.

    To start the process, we will provide a free feasibility study, which will enable us to determine how much energy can be produced through our recommended solar panel system. We will then calculate the price per kW and work out your monthly savings. The feasibility study also considers the positive environmental impacts including: EPC ratings, CO2 emission savings and sustainability metrics.

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    Solar Panels on Building by the Sea

    What Are The Criteria For A PPA?

    There are a number of considerations that will impact your business’s eligibility for a PPA agreement with Solar Service.

    To work out if you are eligible for our PPA scheme, we will visit your site to complete a free feasibility study. During this study, we will work out how much energy you will need and the potential savings you could make.

    On this visit, we will also inspect the roof; assessing the viability of solar panels and starting to work out the best system for you, should it be appropriate.

    Book your free feasibility study online today.

    Commercial Solar Panel PPA FAQs

    What is a Commercial Solar Panel PPA?

    A Commercial Solar Panel Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract between an energy provider, such as us, and a commercial entity. It enables businesses to enjoy solar-generated electricity without the upfront costs of installing and maintaining the solar panels. We will install and operate the solar panels on the business premises, and the business agrees to purchase the electricity generated at an agreed-upon rate.

    How does a Commercial Solar Panel PPA benefit my business?

    By opting for a PPA, your business can benefit in several ways. You can access clean, renewable energy without the initial capital investment required for purchasing solar panels. Additionally, PPA rates are often lower than standard utility rates, leading to potential cost savings on your energy bills.

    What are the terms typically involved in a Commercial Solar Panel PPA?

    PPA terms can vary but they usually include a long-term agreement, typically ranging from 10 to 25 years. During this period, we remain responsible for maintaining and operating the solar panel system while the business (you) agrees to purchase the electricity generated at an agreed-upon rate.

    Are there any upfront costs associated with a Commercial Solar Panel PPA?

    One of the main advantages of a PPA is that there are usually no upfront costs for the business. We will cover the installation and maintenance costs of the solar panels. The business simply agrees to purchase the electricity produced by the panels at the agreed-upon rate.

    What happens at the end of the Commercial Solar Panel PPA term?

    At the end of the agreed-upon term, businesses often have the option to extend the agreement, purchase the solar panel system, or have it removed. This decision can vary based on the terms negotiated in the initial PPA contract.

    How does a Commercial Solar Panel PPA impact my business's sustainability goals?

    By adopting a Commercial Solar Panel PPA, your business actively contributes to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability. It demonstrates your commitment to using renewable energy sources, aligning with environmental and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

    Is my business eligible for a Commercial Solar Panel PPA?

    Eligibility can depend on various factors, including the size of the business, location, available space for solar panel installation, and specific contractual terms offered by energy providers. If you are interested in a PPA with us, get in touch, and we will arrange a date and time for one of our experts to visit your site to complete a free feasibility study.