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Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is the smartest way to reduce both your heating costs and your environmental impact. While large-scale technologies like solar panels and EV chargers are fantastic options, there’s a simpler way to enjoy the benefits of a more energy-efficient home: upgrading its core features.

Here at Solar Service Solutions, we provide a variety of avenues to ramp up your home’s energy efficiency. Our Certass-registered team specialise in designing and installing energy-efficient doors, windows, cladding, and more, which work to save you money in both the long and short term. You can explore our full range of home improvement options below!

If you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency but aren’t sure which choice is best for you, don’t worry. Give us a call on 0330 124 2941, and we’ll be happy to explain our options in more detail and help you find the perfect fit.

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    Rock Door Front
    Rock Door Dark Grey

    A-Rated Composite Doors

    Discover the perfect fusion of style and functionality with Rockdoor doors! Combining the elegance of wood with the unbeatable security, energy efficiency, and durability of composite materials, they deliver both form and function to your home.

    Rockdoor doors are available in 14 classic colours and come with an extensive range of customisation options. From door handles and letter plates to window glass and numbering, every facet can be tailored to your home’s distinct personality.

    A-Rated uPVC and Aluminum Windows

    Proven to reduce heat loss by up to 25%, Rehau and Duraflex’s A-rated windows are among the most energy-efficient windows available today. Their sturdy frames and advanced multi-point locking system mean they also come with safety and peace of mind as standard.

    Rehau and Duraflex’s windows come in a wide variety of styles, from the timeless appeal of casement windows to graceful sliding sash designs. And don’t worry about matching your home’s aesthetic – they’re available in an array of colours and finishes to suit your taste. Whether you live in a rustic farmhouse or an ultra-modern apartment, our windows are ready to elevate your space to a whole new level.

    Rehau Window
    Duraflex Window
    LED Lighting in a Room
    LED Light Installation

    LED Lighting Systems

    LEDs have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and they now stands as the most energy-efficient, cost-saving bulbs you can install in your home. They use up to 75% less energy, stay bright for up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and don’t contain mercury, making them even more environmentally friendly. Connect them to solar panels for the ultimate green lighting solution!

    We’re happy to pay a visit to your home and swap out your old system with a high-quality, energy-saving LED alternative. You’ll not only notice the difference in your bills, but also enjoy an improved ambiance in your home thanks to the crisp, daylight-like glow of LEDs.

    Insulated Cladding

    Cladding does more than just beautify your home – it adds an extra layer of insulation that helps regulate indoor temperatures and reduce your energy consumption.

    We’re proud to be certified installers of a wide array of uPVC and HPL cladding options. Apart from their stunning aesthetics, they offer excellent insulation, first-rate weather protection, and are incredibly low maintenance. Here are the cladding options we offer:

    Each is available in a wide range of colours and textures, from simple white to realistic wood imitation. No matter what kind of look you’re hoping to achieve, we can install the exact type of cladding you need to make it a reality.

    Cedral Cladding
    Millboard Cladding

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