Can Solar PV Panels be moved or repositioned?

Yes they can, but the logistics and economics of moving them need to be carefully considered. If you have a domestic system you should know that a large portion of the price that you paid went on the labour needed to install, commission and calibrate it.

Over the last decades the price of Solar Panels has come down, but the cost of UK specialist technicians and tradesmen has not, so to de-install and re-install will involved an additional labour charge, even if you are just moving from one aspect to another in the same property.

If you are moving a significant number of Panels to a completely new location (for example if you move house) there will also be the cost of specialist transport, plus of course, insurance.

Engineer Working Solar PV Panels


There may be times when your Panels need to be removed temporarily or relocated permanently. If your roof tiles or slates need to be repaired or other structural work needs to be performed on the chimney or roof ridge and the Panels are at risk of being damaged, it will be a wise precaution to move them.

Any house improvements, such as the addition of roof windows, a loft conversion, or a new extension.

We can help with your Solar Panel REMOVAL

If you do need to have your Solar Panels moved from one location to another, then please get in touch with us. You should be aware that it’s not an easy task; it’s time-consuming, delicate work that must be carried out carefully to ensure no damage occurs to the Panels.

Fortunately we have a wealth of experience in this area, so you can rely on us to help move your Panels quickly and safely.

Changing Solar PV Panels

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