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Commercial Solar Maintenance Packages

Our maintenance packages make it easy to stay on top of looking after your <a href=”/commercial-solar-panels/”>commercial solar panels</a>, helping them stay working at maximum efficiency to pass on the full benefits to your business.

With regular maintenance, you can limit disruptions to your renewable energy system and prevent avoidable servicing call outs.

We’ve developed three affordable maintenance packages so you can find the right choice for your business when it comes to requirements and budget. Our aim is to keep your solar panels working at their best all year round, providing maximum value.

<strong>For more information, or to sign up for one of our comprehensive maintenance packages, call us on <a href=”tel:0330 124 2941″>0330 124 2941</a>.</strong>

bronze sun


Access to service desk engineers

Remote diagnostics

Silver Sun


Yearly service of PV system

Access to service desk engineers

Remote diagnostics

Pro-active monitoring &amp; fault resolution

Gold Sun


Yearly service of PV system

Access to service desk engineers

Remote diagnostics

Pro-active monitoring &amp; fault resolution

Onsite engineer on an SLA (max three Days)

Access to the Customer support team

Priority access to the Technical support team

Dedicated accounts team

Glossary of service terms

<h3>Pro-active monitoring &amp; fault recognition</h3>
Our pro-active monitoring ensures any problems are caught early on, with fault resolution to fix the problem.
<h3>Remote diagnostics</h3>
Allowing for quick problem resolution, we acquire remote access into your PV system to perform fault diagnostics.*

*internet connection required for PV system.
<h3>Onsite engineer on an SLA</h3>
Engineers will visit your site on a 48-hour SLA (maximum three-day duration)

solar engineer checking commercial PV panels
solar engineer repairs
solar panel maintenance engineer

Why do commercial solar panels need maintenance?

Although solar panels are low maintenance overall, keeping on top of regular maintenance is still necessary to keep panels in optimal working condition.
<p style=”color: #f7941d;”><strong>Keep on top of solar panel maintenance for panels that last up to 30 years.</strong></p>
With a diagnostic maintenance service, you can identify and fix any low-level problems with your system before they escalate. Ultimately, the aim of maintenance is to keep panels working efficiently whilst avoiding more costly repairs and emergency servicing down the line.
<h3 style=”color: #394077;”>What can go wrong with a solar panel system?</h3>
Primarily, solar panels are known for their durability and reliability. However, like any technology, they can be subject to errors and component failure.

Below we have outlined some of the problems that commonly affect solar panels, all of which can be identified and rectified through regular maintenance:
<li>System failure due to poor quality installation</li>
<li>Damage from debris, wildlife and the elements</li>
<li>Corrosion of panel surfaces and wiring</li>
<li><a href=”/possible-problems-with-solar-panel-inverters/”>Problems with the inverter</a> (this may have a shorter lifespan than the panels themselves)</li>
<li><a href=”/solar-battery-storage/”>Solar battery</a> malfunctions</li>

When to make use of your maintenance package?

Once you have invested in a maintenance package for your solar panel system, you’ll find it much easier to keep on top of any problems.

No matter what issue you’re experiencing with your solar panels, you can call on us at any time. Some common reasons for making use of our maintenance packages include:
<li>A drop in efficiency</li>
<li>Unreliable performance</li>
<li>Visible damage to your panels or other components</li>
<li><a href=”/solar-pv-bird-proofing/”>Birds</a>, rodents, or other wildlife disrupting your panel</li>

solar engineers using multi meter on PV panels

Commercial Maintenance FAQs

What is the maintenance for commercial solar panels?

Commercial solar panels have few moving parts, meaning they are low maintenance. However, it is recommended that they are serviced and cleaned every 12 months to ensure optimal performance.

What is included in solar panel maintenance?

Solar Service offers three different maintenance packages which provide different levels of maintenance.

The smallest package available is Bronze which gives you access to our service desk engineers and remote diagnostics. The next level is our Silver package which provides you with a yearly service, access to service desk engineers, remote diagnostics and proactive monitoring and fault resolution. The final package is our Gold one, which provides everything from the Silver package with the addition of an onsite engineer on an SLA (max three days), access to the customer support team, priority access to the technical support team and a dedicated accounts team.

Will rain clean commercial solar panels?

Yes, rain will effectively clean solar panels. However, we recommend at least once a year your panels are cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth to remove any dirt that might not be washed away by rainfall.

What is preventive maintenance of a solar system?

Preventative maintenance is a proactive strategy that involves regular maintenance of equipment where components are thoroughly cleaned and checked to reduce the risk of problems and downtime.

What is corrective maintenance for commercial solar panels?

Corrective maintenance is when an engineer repairs or replaces components that have stopped working or aren’t working as efficiently as they should be.

How do I know when my commercial solar system needs maintenance?

If you spot the following, it is recommended that you call out an engineer to complete a service or maintenance task.
<li>A drop in efficiency</li>
<li>Unreliable performance</li>
<li>Visible damage to the panels or other components</li>
<li>Birds, rodents, or other wildlife disrupting your panels</li>

Do I need to schedule regular inspections for my commercial solar panel system?

We recommend that you call us to book a service or maintenance inspection. Call us on <a href=”tel:03301242941″>0330 124 2941</a> or complete our <a href=”/contact-us/”>contact form</a>.

Who monitors my solar panels?

If you have our silver or gold maintenance packages, we will monitor your solar panels for you. As part of this monitoring, we will pick up on any problems or efficiency issues and get in touch with you to arrange a time and date to resolve them.

Why do commercial solar panels need maintenance?

Regular maintenance will ensure that your solar panels are kept working as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. During maintenance checks and services, our technicians will spot any potential problems and resolve them before they have a negative impact on your commercial solar system.

What are common issues with solar panels?

Common issues we find during services and maintenance checks include:
<li>System failure due to poor installation</li>
<li>Damage from debris, wildlife and the weather</li>
<li>Corrosion of panel surfaces and wiring</li>
<li>Inverter problems</li>
<li>Solar battery malfunction</li>
These are all issues that we are able to rectify once spotted.

Are there any measures I can take to ensure the optimal performance of my solar system?

Yes. To ensure your panels are able to absorb as much sun as possible, you can regularly clean the panel surfaces, removing any debris and dirt that might be blocking the panels.

Are there any warranties or guarantees on the performance of my commercial solar panel system?

Yes. We are proud to be members of the <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Independent Warranty Association (IWA)</a> Deposit &amp; Guarantee Protection Scheme, meaning that our work comes with a 10-year guarantee even in the unlikely event that our business stops trading.

What factors can affect the performance of commercial solar panels?

Several factors can influence the performance of commercial solar panels. These include the amount of sunlight received, the angle and orientation of the panels, shading from nearby structures or vegetation, temperature variations, the cleanliness of the panels, and the efficiency of the inverter and other system components. Additionally, factors such as the quality of installation, maintenance practices, and the age of the panels can also impact their performance over time. Regular monitoring and maintenance can help optimise the performance of commercial solar panels and maximise their energy output.

Trust Solar Service Solutions for your commercial solar panel maintenance

Our commercial solar PV maintenance packages make it easy to know you’ve got your solar panels covered. With the reassurance of having our engineers easily to hand, you can rest assured that you’ll have the help you need to keep your panels working at optimal performance.

To sign up or find out more about our maintenance packages, call us on <a href=”tel:0330 124 2941″>0330 124 2941</a> or email <a href=”mailto:[email protected]”>[email protected]</a>. Alternatively, use the contact form below.

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