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    Solar panels are a fantastic way to lower your energy bills, shrink your carbon footprint, and free yourself from your reliance on the grid. But what if your property has a flat roof? Can you still have a solar system installed?

    You’ve probably noticed that most solar panels you see are mounted on pitched roofs. That doesn’t mean they can’t work just as well on flat roofs, though – it’s just because pitched roofs are more common than flat ones!

    Whether residential or commercial, buildings with flat roofs are more than capable of having solar panels fitted onto them. In fact, they bring along a handful of benefits that you might miss out on with a pitched roof.

    At Solar Service Solutions, we install flat roof solar panels on properties across the South. No matter your goals, we’re here to design a high-quality system that optimises output whilst keeping costs in check – all while providing a friendly and professional service throughout.

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    How do flat roof solar panels work?

    Flat roof solar panels work exactly the same as solar panels installed on slanted surfaces. The only difference lies in how they’re mounted. Flat roof solar panels need a strong mounting system to keep them secure. Whilst you could technically lay the PV panels flat in the same way you would on a pitched roof, there are several benefits to installing the panels at an angle:

    • Maximise sunlight exposure: By angling the panels towards the sun, they can receive optimal solar radiation, especially during the times when the sun is lower on the horizon, such as in the morning and evening.
    • Self-cleaning: A slight tilt allows rainwater to run off the panels, helping to clean off dirt, dust, and debris. This reduces the maintenance required to keep the panels clean and operating efficiently.
    • Heat dissipation: Solar panels can become hot when exposed to the sun for extended periods. Tilting them helps create better airflow underneath, which aids in dissipating heat. This can improve the overall efficiency and lifespan of the panels.

    Solar panels are made up of solar cells made from materials like silicon. When sunlight hits these cells, they create direct current (DC) electricity using the photovoltaic effect. This DC power then heads to an inverter, which transforms it into alternating current (AC), the kind of electricity that homes and businesses use. This AC electricity can power a building’s appliances and systems directly, or the extra energy can be stored for later in a battery or sold back into the grid.


    What are the benefits of installing solar panels on a flat roof?

    There are plenty of benefits to installing solar panels on a flat roof. Beyond the usual benefits of solar panels, like saving on electricity bills and being environmentally friendly, flat roof panels come with some additional benefits:

    Adjustable pitch: With flat roof panels, you have more flexibility in choosing the perfect angle for your panels. This means they can soak up the most sunlight possible.

    Discretion: Solar panels tend to blend in better with your building’s design when on a flat roof, as they’re usually not noticeable from the street.

    Easy installation and upkeep: Flat roofs make it easy to install and take care of your solar panels. There’s plenty of space to work with and maintenance becomes a lot simpler compared to pitched roofs. Plus, installation is often quicker too!

    commercial flat roof solar panels
    commercial flat roof solar panel installation

    Why choose us to install your flat roof solar system?

    Solar Service Solutions are the South’s go-to specialists in all things solar, specialising in high-quality panel installations, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our accredited team are here to help you get the absolute most out of the power of solar.

    Once you get in touch with us, we’ll team up with you to find the perfect solar solution based on your monthly energy needs. This way, you can enjoy maximum savings both now and in the long run. We’ll also customise your setup to make the most of your flat roof’s unique layout.

    From brand-new solar panels to reliable solar batteries, we’ve got your back. Have a read through our case studies to see the results we’ve achieved so far!

    Ready to take the first step towards a greener, more affordable future? Book your free property survey online or give us a call on 0330 124 2941 today!

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