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Solar PV Panel Repairs

Whatever your solar panels have suffered, you will need qualified professional expert technicians to carry out any necessary repairs. We can ensure that your investment in energy efficiency and economy can operate at peak running capacity to provide the benefits that you are entitled to receive.

However many solar panels make up your system we can provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it is performing at optimum efficiency.

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One faulty panel can cause complete system failure

Solar panels are commonly installed as a group, known as a lighting grid. If one panel in the group fails, none of them will work, but repair and replacement of the failed panel should restore power to the entire grid.

Our method

  • Fault diagnosis
  • Inverter replacement
  • Panel replacement
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    What causes Solar Panel damage or failure?

    Natural events that can damage solar panels include harsh weather conditions, falling masonry or other debris from the chimney or roof, branches from overhanging trees broken by the wind, and even bird damage. And even though the normal expected working life of solar panels can be up to 25 years, all materials suffer from degradation, wear and tear or corrosion over time.

    There is also the worrying factor that your solar panels may not have been installed to the highest standard in the first place, which can lead to problems developing much sooner than expected.

    Many of the early solar panel sales and installation companies have gone out of business over the last decades, as a greater degree of professionalism has been embraced be the industry, so you may not know who to turn to if something goes wrong.

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    Solar panels - repair or replace?

    We are committed to the policy of making every effort to repair rather than replace, because every new solar panel that is manufactured, comes with it’s own carbon footprint.

    Our engineers have worked on a wide range of solar panels produced by numerous manufacturers, so you can rest assured that they will find the most economical solution to your solar panel problem, whatever they are.

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    Better safe than sorry - prevention is better than cure

    Many of the oldest and truest sayings apply to solar panel systems, including “out of sight, out of mind”, because they are on a roof section that you may not see very often.

    Since the panels have no moving parts and also appear to be out of harm’s way, you may have left their performance to chance, rather than detailed inspection and review. Our advice to customers is that a solar panel system needs to be surveyed at least every five years, at which time its power-generation performance is calibrated, where every electrical and plumbing appliance inspected and tested, down to the smallest fuse.

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    Solar Panel Repairs FAQs

    Can you repair my solar panels even though you didn’t install them?

    Absolutely. Even if we didn’t install your solar panels we can take a look at them and repair any damage if you are experiencing an issue.

    Should I just replace faulty panels?

    At Solar Service Solutions, we would encourage anyone to try and get any faulty panels repaired before completely replacing them. Repairing them can be more beneficial for the environment as the production of a new solar panel comes with its own carbon footprint.

    Do you specialise in repairing a specific manufacturer’s panels?

    Not at all! Our engineers have experience working with a variety of solar panels from a range of manufacturers. This means you can rely on us to help with your solar panel repairs no matter who produced them.

    How do I prevent repairs from being needed?

    We would recommend that your solar panels be surveyed once every five years as a minimum. At Solar Service Solutions, we have several maintenance packages based on an annual service, as this will ensure your solar panel solutions are working at optimum efficiency and can prevent any repair work from being needed.

    It is also a good idea to install bird deterrents and trim any shading trees to minimise the risk of birds or branches causing damage.

    What could go wrong with my solar panels?

    As solar panels have very few moving parts, the panels themselves could last up to 25 years. However, there are a few ways that they can go wrong.

    • System failure due to poor-quality installation
    • Damage from debris, wildlife or adverse weather
    • Accumulations of dirt, dust and bird droppings prevent sunlight from reaching the panel
    • Shading on the solar panel, like that caused by overhanging trees, results in reduced energy output
    • Corrosion of panel surfaces and wiring
    • Failed inverter (the shelf life is shorter than the panels themselves)
    • Solar battery failure
    How do I identify a malfunctioning solar panel?

    There are a few ways that you can identify a malfunctioning solar panel. Signs include a noticeable drop in energy production, unusual noises, or a fault indicator on your inverter monitoring software can help identify issues as well.

    Can I repair my solar panels myself?

    It’s not recommended for most homeowners to repair solar panels themselves, as they can be delicate and potentially dangerous if mishandled. It’s best to hire a professional solar panel technician.

    Are solar panel repairs covered by warranties?

    Many solar panels will have a warranty attached, so if something goes wrong, they can be repaired for little to no cost.

    Any solar panels installed by us are backed by warranties of up to 30 years, so should something go wrong, the cost of a repair will be fully covered.

    How much does it cost to repair a solar panel?

    The cost of solar panel repairs varies depending on the issue, location, and warranty coverage. Minor repairs may be relatively inexpensive, while major issues might be costlier.

    If you are covered by a warranty the repairs themselves should be covered, you may just have to pay a call-out fee.

    What should I do if my solar panels are damaged in a storm?

    If your solar panels are damaged in a storm, you should consult your solar panel provider or a technician. They can then assess the damage done and recommend the necessary actions that need to be taken.

    Can I upgrade or expand my solar panel system during repairs?

    Of course! If you want to upgrade or expand your solar panel system while other repairs are being done, we can help with this. Book a consultation with our experts to discuss your thoughts and the options available to you.

    Will my solar panels be damaged by the weather?

    Solar panels are built to withstand most weather conditions as they are designed to be outside. It is more likely that debris from harsh stormy weather will cause a problem or that clouds and heavy rain will reduce the power output of your solar panels.

    We would recommend you keep an eye on your solar panels, looking out for frequent power drops, as this could signify a more serious problem.

    If you still have a question about solar panel repairs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Call us on 0333 251 5565. We are always happy to talk through our repair services or maintenance packages.

    If you have any queries or problems concerning your solar panel installation, please use our contact form, or check our solar panel FAQs page, where you might find the answer.

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