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Solar Panel Maintenance

Installing solar panels on your property is a fantastic way to save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. To keep your system operating at its best, however, it’s important not to overlook the importance of regular maintenance.

At Solar Service Solutions, we specialise in providing both ad hoc solar panel aftercare services and monthly maintenance plans to help you keep your system running at maximum efficiency.

Our knowledgeable team have years of experience working with solar PVs, so you can trust us to assess and maintain your panels to the highest standard. Whether you require urgent repairs or want to schedule an annual service, we’re here to help whenever you need us!

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    Why do solar panels need to be serviced?

    Whilst solar panel systems are generally low maintenance, annual servicing is crucial to keep your panels clean, free from damage, and in optimal working condition.

    Regular maintenance also allows you to identify and fix any potential issues before they escalate. This will help save you from costly repairs further down the road and help ensure that your panels are generating the most energy possible.

    What can go wrong with a solar panel system?

    Solar panels are known for their reliability, but like any technology, they can encounter their fair share of issues. It’s important to be aware of the potential problems your panels could experience, such as:

    • System failure due to poor quality installation
    • Damage from debris, wildlife, and inclement weather
    • Corrosion of panel surfaces and wiring
    • Problems with the inverter (which may have a shorter lifespan than the panels)
    • Solar battery malfunctions
    • A combination of any of the above factors

    Solar systems are complex, so unless you’re a trained solar technician or engineer, you might struggle to identify and resolve any problems with your panels. That’s why we’re here to help!

    Our professionals will provide the necessary expertise and support to keep your panels in top shape, taking care of the technicalities while you continue to enjoy the benefits of your solar investment. We’re always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to contact the Solar Service team today!

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    How often should I have my solar panel system serviced?

    You should have your solar panels serviced at least once a year, or as soon as you notice:

    • A drop in efficiency
    • Unreliable performance
    • Visible damage to your panels or other components
    • Birds, rodents, or other wildlife adopting your panels as their own
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    Why choose Solar Service Solutions for solar panel maintenance?

    At Solar Service Solutions, we take pride in our friendly and knowledgeable approach to solar panel maintenance. Thanks to our accredited team’s diverse set of skills, we’re able to deliver the highest level of professionalism and standards when servicing your panels, giving you the confidence that they’ll always perform at their best.

    Beyond maintenance, we’re here to assist you with all your solar needs. Whether you require installation, repairs, or system upgrades, our team have got you covered.

    Experience the difference our skilled team can make for your solar PV panel system. Book in solar panel service online or call us on 0330 124 2941 today!

    Solar panel maintenance FAQs

    Do solar panels require maintenance?

    For the most part, solar panel maintenance is easy and stress-free. They require very little maintenance except the occasional cleaning to keep the panels free from obstacles that will stop them from absorbing sunlight.

    We would recommend that you have your solar panels serviced once a year to maintain optimal performance.

    Book Solar Service for your solar panel maintenance by calling 0330 124 2941.

    When should I have my solar panels serviced?

    If you notice any of the following, you should book a solar panel service to ensure your panels are maintained for the best performance:

    • If there is a drop in efficiency.
    • Their performance becomes unreliable.
    • There is visible damage to the panels or other components.
    • Birds, rodents, or other wildlife start adopting your solar panels as their own.
    Can I birdproof solar panels to prevent damage?

    Our installation teams can help you remove birds from your solar panels and install birdproofing measures.

    Protection methods include netting, spikes, metal or PVC mesh, proprietary solar panel skirting, and bird blockers.

    The options available to you will depend on the installation of your solar panels. Before installing any of these methods, we’ll discuss them with you and explain the benefits of each option available.

    Why should I consider solar panel maintenance and service?

    Maintaining and servicing your solar panels is crucial for several reasons:

    1. Optimal performance: Regular maintenance ensures that your solar panels operate at their peak efficiency, maximising energy production and saving you money on electricity bills.
    2. Prolonged lifespan: Routine inspections and upkeep help extend the lifespan of your solar panel system, protecting your investment and ensuring long-term energy generation.
    3. Identifying issues: Professional servicing allows for the early detection of any potential issues or faults, preventing minor problems from developing into costly repairs.
    4. Safety assurance: Ensuring that your solar panels are well-maintained promotes safety, minimising the risk of electrical hazards or system malfunctions.
    5. Warranty compliance: Many solar panel warranties require regular maintenance to remain valid. Adhering to manufacturer recommendations helps retain warranty coverage if issues arise.
    6. Environmental impact: Well-maintained panels operate more efficiently, maximising the amount of clean energy generated and reducing your carbon footprint.
    7. Peace of mind: Regular servicing provides peace of mind, knowing that your solar panel system is functioning optimally and reliably.

    By having your solar panels maintained, you’re not only safeguarding your investment – you’re guaranteeing consistent and efficient renewable energy production for years to come.

    How often should solar panels be cleaned?

    It’s recommended that you clean your solar panels every six months. However, there may be times when you will need to clean them more regularly, such as in the autumn when leaves are dropping.

    Do I have to have a professional clean my solar panels?

    Solar panels are typically placed on rooftops that aren’t meant to be walked on. Cleaning them yourself, without the right expertise and safety equipment, can be risky and lead to serious injuries from slipping. If you’re not completely confident, it’s much safer and less stressful to go for a professional solar panel cleaning service.

    What does a solar PV maintenance service from Solar Service typically include?

    Whether you’re looking for an ad-hoc maintenance call-out or a scheduled service as part of your maintenance plan, one of our technicians will come out to your site and inspect your solar panel system thoroughly. Not only will they examine your panels, but also the solar panel inverter and solar storage battery, should you have one. They will also test your panels to ensure they are performing at optimal levels.

    You will also receive active monitoring of your system, priority response for any callout without the callout fee, and no labour costs for any warranty replacements needed if you’re on a maintenance package with us.

    Will regular maintenance help increase the lifespan of my solar PV system?

    Simply put, yes! Regular maintenance will enable you, or a professional to spot any damage so that it can be fixed as soon as possible, reducing the risk of further damage and problems.

    Maintenance will also ensure that parts are cleaned so that they can work properly and prevent dust or dirt buildup from causing an issue.

    Do you offer maintenance plans or contracts for ongoing servicing?

    Absolutely! We offer three different maintenance packages to cover different services and levels. Whether you’re just looking for a cleaning package or want to include a service too, we have a package for you.

    How does regular maintenance impact the performance of my solar PV system?

    Regular maintenance will impact the performance of your solar panels as it will ensure that the panels themselves are cleaned and have no obstructions stopping them from absorbing the sunlight to convert to energy.

    Services will also ensure that other parts of the system are fully functioning, ensuring any storage batteries are holding power, and the inverter is converting currents as needed.

    Making sure each component of the system is working at its best will ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible, saving you money on your bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

    Can you assist with monitoring or assessing the efficiency of my solar PV system?

    Yes. Our domestic solar panel maintenance packages include active monitoring of your system. This means we’ll notice any drops in performance and will get in touch with you to sort the potential problem out.