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Solar System Specialists in the South

We install bespoke solar panel systems as well as repair & maintain them

Whether you require the installation of a brand new solar system, or repairs or maintenance, our team of qualified solar experts are equipped to meet your requirements.

Why use us?

The answer is simple: experience. We have built our business on fixing faults and resolving problems that can arise over time with solar panels. As a result, we are experts in not only installing new solar panel systems, but also maintaining them to ensure they are tailored to the specific location and property. Our goal is to minimise the chances of anything going wrong with your solar panel system, and our wealth of knowledge and accreditations make us the ideal choice for all your solar energy needs!

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Solar Thermal & PV Panels

Protect your solar PV &
solar thermal system for the future

As you would expect, any quotation or proposal for your new solar panel system from us will include the option of a regular maintenance package. Our ambition is, that in the future, our customers will rarely if ever need to draw on the “repair” element of our brand name.


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    Our team of repair and maintenance engineers started out as a small group of time-served tradesmen working in the electrical, plumbing and heating industries.

    We noticed in the course of our work that we were increasingly being asked by domestic and commercial premise owners about the issues that they were encountering with their solar PV and solar thermal heating systems.

    This was not surprising, as it’s over two decades ago that solar panels started to become a common feature on homes and industrial units in the UK. The original planned shelf life of the first solar panels we 20-25 years, and now some of them were beginning to show signs of age, or simply totally fail.

    To meet this growing demand, the original members decided to pool their resources and expertise, which led to the business that we have today.

    If you have any queries or problems concerning your solar panel installation, please use our contact form, or check our solar panel FAQs page, where you might find the answer.

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