Solar System Installation in Holt

Mr Hazell of Holt, Dorset experienced long delays when working with other solar panel installers, so he turned to our team for help. He was looking for an in-roof solar panel installation and equipment setup that could be completed quickly, and our team was more than happy to oblige!

We offered a quote and promised to finish the job within two weeks. Impressed with our speed and efficiency, he agreed to our offer. We got right to work installing Mr Hazell’s new solar panels, and were proud to complete the installation within the agreed timeframe.

He could now stop worrying about finding the right company to carry out the job, and instead start enjoying the many benefits of his new solar system!

Keep reading to find out Mr Hazell’s thoughts on our service and the result of our work.

Mr Hazell’s Journey With Solar Service Solutions

Solar Panels, Storage Battery, and Diverter Installation

“The neighbours have mentioned, ‘Gosh, that looks really good!'”

Mr Hazell chose to have fourteen in-roof solar panels installed at his home.

In-roof solar panels are installed differently from the standard method of placing panels on top of roof tiles. For in-roof panel installation, the tiles where the panels will be placed are removed and trays are installed underneath the panels to prevent water from entering the loft.

Once we had completed the installation and cleared away any waste materials, Mr Hazell’s roof was left with a sleek and integrated solar panel system. Even better, the in-roof panels prevent birds from nesting and accumulating debris underneath, saving time and money on potential maintenance in the future.

In addition to the solar panels themselves, Mr Hazell decided to upgrade his system with a 6.5kw solar storage battery and an eddi diverter. The battery would allow him to use his stored solar energy at night or when cloudy, whilst the diverter would let him use solar power to heat his water.

in roof solar panel installation before and after
solar panel cleaning

Solar Efficiency Monitoring & PV Panel Cleaning

“Really, really impressive compared to other companies.”

Mr Hazell was particularly impressed with the advanced monitoring software we integrated into his new system. He can use this software to remotely monitor the performance of his solar panels, getting real-time insights into the system’s performance and data that helps identify when maintenance is required.

When some electrical issues arose after installation, we returned to resolve them quickly and without fuss.

Mr Hazell also scheduled a regular solar PV cleaning service with us, which will help keep his panels in good working order by removing any dirt, debris, and grime that may accumulate over time.

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“I would recommend other people who are looking to install solar panels to contact Solar Service Solutions and get a quote. They are very, very professional, their software is first-class, and the installation I couldn’t fault.”

Solar Service Solutions are a leading name in solar panel installation, maintenance, and repairs. Our accredited engineers have installed solar systems on hundreds of residential and commercial properties across the South, giving us an understanding of solar technology that’s second to none.

Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly energy bills, shrink your carbon footprint, or achieve total financial independence, you can trust our team to deliver the high-performance, money-saving system you’re after.

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