Solar System Installation in Bridport

Tony, a homeowner in West Bay, Bridport, was thinking of upgrading his home with a state-of-the-art solar panel system. After coming across Solar Service Solutions online, he reached out for a quote and was impressed by our quick response and reasonable prices. Ultimately, he decided to take the leap and choose us to install his new solar system.

Watch the video or read on to discover what Tony thought of his experience with Solar Service Solutions.

Tony’s Solar Journey

We Installed Fifteen New Solar Panels and a Growatt Inverter

“It was remarkably straightforward. I looked online, saw them, gave them a buzz, and they responded really, really rapidly.”

Once Tony had chosen to go ahead, we visited his property and worked with him to identify the right system to meet his energy needs. We arranged to start work in four weeks’ time, but thanks to a slot opening up, we were able to carry out the installation in just two!

When the time came, we returned to Tony’s property to set up the necessary scaffolding, then again to install the solar system itself. We installed fifteen thin film solar panels and a high-performance Growatt hybrid inverter before moving onto the other parts of the system.

We were careful to install the panels in the perfect spot in order to soak up sunlight, allowing them to generate maximum energy. As an added bonus, the stylish dark appearance of the panels adds a touch of modernity to the roof.

solar panel installation in Bridport
solar panels installed in Bridport
Growatt solar battery and inverter
Growatt Solar Battery in a Garage

Integrated Solar Battery Storage

Tony also decided to integrate a 6 kW solar battery into his system, which would allow him to store the solar energy generated by his panels for later use, including at night. This will result in even greater savings on his energy bills.

What’s more, this battery would allow him to sell any surplus energy back to the grid through the SEG scheme, earning him a tidy sum each year!

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“I have recommended Solar Service Solutions to neighbours, and I believe both of them took up the offer.”

Ready to unlock the amazing benefits of solar energy? Join Tony and countless others who have achieved complete energy independence with Solar Service Solutions!

By switching to solar, you won’t just save thousands on your energy bills – you’ll protect yourself against blackouts, earn money through selling surplus electricity, and play your part towards a greener future for all. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your property and in the world we all share.

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