Solar Panel & Storage Battery Installation in Dorset

Malcolm reached out to Solar Service Solutions having already experienced first hand the benefits of switching to solar. After seeing how solar panels cut the energy bills on his previous property by half, he decided to have a solar system installed in his new house to replicate the same savings.

Read on to find out what Malcolm thought of his experience with us!

Malcolm’s Journey with Solar Service Solutions

Survey and Quote

“They were considerably cheaper than the other two quotes I received.”

Upon surveying Malcolm’s home and discussing his energy usage, we calculated that his home would need 14 monocrystalline panels and a solar battery to meet his electricity requirements.

The 14 panels would be able to generate a large amount of energy, keeping his home powered even on cloudy days, whilst the solar battery would allow him to store excess energy generated during the day for use at night and during the winter.

We provided him with a competitively priced quote for supply, installation, and insurance shortly after our consultation, which he was very happy with.

solar system Dorset
solar panel Dorset

Installing the Solar Panels and Battery

“The workmen they employ are excellent. They gave me a much better explanation of how everything worked and were all so polite – nothing was too much trouble.”

With the quote signed off on, our accredited team got to work designing and installing Malcolm’s new system.

Malcolm was impressed with the helpfulness of our team and the quality of their workmanship. They were more than happy to answer his questions and inform him of all steps taken, leaving him confident that his home was in good hands.

He was also impressed with the responsiveness of our service, remarking on how easy it was to get in touch online and through the phone.

The End Result

“Although [the battery] was only installed a couple of days ago, it’s already performing.”

With his new solar system in place, Malcolm can now rely on solar power for the majority of his home’s electricity, greatly reducing his reliance on the National Grid and slashing his energy bills, all whilst shrinking his carbon footprint for good!

solar system installation Dorset

Get a Quote on a Bespoke Solar System

“If anybody phones me and wants a recommendation, I’d certainly give it to them. I’ve already recommended them. I hope they have every success, because they deserve it!”

Making the switch to solar is the best way to invest in your long-term future. Not only can you reduce your electricity bills by up to 70%, you can even earn money by selling the excess electricity you generate back to the grid.

Best of all, transitioning to solar energy lowers greenhouse gas emissions and helps you play your part towards a greener, cleaner future.

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