Solar System Installation in Christchurch

With energy bills in the UK continuing to skyrocket, Francis came to us to provide her with a solar solution to help dramatically lower her expenses.

Discover how Francis’ new solar system, comprising of PV panels, solar battery and solar diverter, will help her save hundreds on her bills, what she thought about our services, and how she plans to both save and make money with solar power.

Francis’ Journey with Solar Service Solutions

Solar PVs and Panel Trims

“For us, it was the complete package. The installation has been an absolute dream.”

Francis began by seeking out three quotes for installing solar panels on her house. She first went to a national company, then a local company, before finally finding Solar Service Solutions.

After surveying her home, we provided her with a quote almost immediately. Impressed with the price we offered, our glowing reviews, aftercare service, and indemnity policies, she decided to go ahead with us.

Francis opted to have ten monocrystalline solar panels installed on her roof, along with a black anti-vermin trim to match. We constructed the scaffolding at night, then came the next day to install the solar panels. The whole installation only took a few hours. We returned not long after to install the trim and finalise the roof work.

solar system installation Christchurch
solar system installation in Christchurch

Solar Battery and Hot Water Diverter

“The maximum amount of time it’ll take us to get our money back is ten years. And if electricity prices keep going up the way they are, that could be reduced to seven or eight. I see that as a really, really good yield on money.”

Francis was very happy with the modern look of her panels, as well as the savings she was making on her electricity bills. However, as the cost of energy continued to rise, she decided to boost the money-saving potential of her panels further by investing in a 6.5 kilowatt solar battery storage and a hot water diverter.

With a system incorporating both a storage battery and a water heater, Francis will soon be able to use solar for the majority of her energy needs. She also plans on selling back surplus energy to the Grid to supplement her income. She won’t just be saving money; she’ll be making it too!

Get a Quote on a Custom Solar System

“I would recommend Solar Service Solutions… We’ve had to contact them once for custom service and they immediately got back to us. The workmen have been immaculately clean and polite, and honestly, you really wouldn’t know that they were there.”

If, like Francis, you’re looking to make long-term savings on your energy bills, switching to solar is the best choice you can make. You’ll slash hundreds off your bills annually, make money by selling excess electricity back to the Grid, and massively shrink your carbon footprint. It’s an investment that will continue to pay off for decades.

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