Solar System in Dorset - Mr & Mrs Price

Dave and Mary Price had made the decision to install solar panels at their home in Dorset. Having contacted a larger national company for a quote, they also decided to look for a local supplier and came across Solar Service Solutions. Happy with the products on offer and quote given, it was an easy choice for Dave and Mary to go ahead with the installation from us.

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Dave and Mary’s Solar Journey

14 Solar Panels With An Inverter, Batteries and Eddi.

“They gave us a very good product, everything we wanted.”

Mary and Dave started their journey by reaching out to a national company. Having received their quote, they researched local solar panel installation companies. Solar Service Solutions were an ideal choice due to our location in Ringwood.

Both Mary and David were impressed with the installation process and how quick it was. Our team installed the 14 panels, along with an inverter, two batteries and an Eddi within the four-week slot that had been given to them; a nice bonus after being quoted three months by the other company.

Not only were they pleased with the quote and timeframes provided by us, but the delivery of installation added to their great experience with our teams being polite and efficient while working.

14 Solar Panels on a House
Solar Power Diverter - Eddi
Birds-Eye View of Solar Panels
Rural House Solar System

Mobile App

“One thing I really like about it, and something I didn’t realise until after the installation, is that you get a mobile app.”

Adding to the quality service already provided, Dave and Mary were delighted to discover the mobile app that allows them to monitor how their system is working and control it easily from their handheld devices.

A nice surprise that came with the app was seeing how many trees and the amount of CO2 saved through their use of solar panels. Having known that solar panels were going to be good for the environment, they have been able to learn just how much of a difference a few solar panels can make.

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“We would 100% recommend Solar Service products.”

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