Solar Panel Installation in Corfe Mullen

A resident of Corfe Mullen chose the team at Solar Service Solutions to help them embark on their journey with solar energy. We fitted a 16-panel PV system with 13kW solar storage battery to allow them to achieve greater energy independence. Find out how we helped them save on their energy bills and slash C02 emissions below.

Solar Energy Products Installed:

A photovoltaic system was installed that included the following:

A Greener Solution for Energy Production

Installing a solar panel system is an excellent option when trying to slash your carbon emissions, as this customer found out. Thanks to their new solar system, we estimated that they would see their annual CO2 output slashed by 95% – falling from 1,824 kg to just 91 kg!

The customer was quoted a yearly CO2 reduction of 1,733 kg, which is equal to…

8,665 km driven by a car

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A 36% reduction in carbon footprint

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CO2 absorbed by 139 trees in a year

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Autumn Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Installation on a Roof in Corfe Mullen

Reducing Energy Expenses

By switching to a solar pv and solar battery system, we estimated that the customer would save over £72,500 over the next 25 years! That more than makes up for the initial installation cost.

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Join this customer and hundreds of other homeowners across the South who have achieved greater energy independence by making the switch to a solar system. Along with saving thousands on your energy bills, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment.

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