Complete Solar System in Bournemouth

Find out how a complete solar system from Solar Service Solutions gave this customer greater control and flexibility over his energy, also saving him thousands on his household bills.

A long-time resident of Hengistbury Head, Paul Ottaway began his journey with solar energy over twelve years ago. Since then, he has continued to develop his solar PV system to achieve almost total energy independence.

Paul’s Journey with Solar Service Solutions

Solar PVs, Water Heater, and Storage Batteries

“One of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made!”

Paul’s solar journey began in 2010 when Solar Service Solutions installed a 2.16 kilowatt solar PV system onto his roof.

Five years later, he decided to install an additional 1.75 kilowatt system onto his summer house. This included an Immersun solar water heater. So he could utilise his generated energy during the evening and at night, he also had 10 and a half kilowatt solar batteries installed.

Because his full system incorporated both solar batteries and a water heater, Paul could rely on solar to provide much of his energy needs. This saved him a huge amount of money on his utility bills – in fact, the upfront costs of both his systems have since been recouped by the amount he saved on electricity.

With another 3.6 kilowatt system set to be installed on his home soon, Paul will now be able to stop relying on the grid almost altogether, saving him even more!

GivEnergy Box
my zappi ev charger installation

EV Charger

“My car can be pretty much charged for free.”

In addition to his solar panels, storage, and water heater, Paul asked us to install a Zappi EV charger on the outside of his home. When plugged in, the charger can draw from the generated energy stored in his solar batteries to charge his car, letting him power his car for virtually nothing.

App Control

“When you can tangibly see you’re generating electricity, that you’re saving money, it’s fantastic.”

Thanks to an integrated app on his smartphone, Paul’s full system is controllable from the palm of his hand.

The Myenergi app lets him see how much electricity has been generated, how much is being used in his home, how much is being drawn from the National Grid, and how efficient the entire solar system is.

Myenergi app

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“Would I recommend Solar Service Solutions? Absolutely yes. They’ve saved me an absolute fortune, and will be saving me a fortune going forward. If you’re considering it, don’t wait – do it!”

Join Paul and the hundreds of other homeowners across the South who have achieved energy independence by making the switch to a solar system. Along with saving thousands on your energy bills, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment. It really is a win-win!

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