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How Solar Panels Are Changing The Farming Landscape

How Solar Panels Are Changing The Farming Landscape

While it might not seem it, farming can be incredibly energy-intensive. From lighting and heating barns for animals to electric fences and irrigation systems, there is plenty of use for energy. As farmers look to alternative energy sources to keep bills down and increase their green credentials, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular within the farming industry.

With their many benefits, solar panels for farms are changing the farming landscape. In this blog, we take a look at the benefits of installing commercial solar panels on farms and explain why they are changing the industry.

Defining Solar Panels for Farms

Before delving in, we just wanted to clarify what we are talking about in this blog.

Often, farmland is rented out to solar companies, who install hundreds of ground-mounted solar panels which generate electricity and send it to the company or National Grid. This is called a solar farm.

In most cases, the farmer who owns the land doesn’t benefit from the renewable energy being produced by these farms. These are not what we are discussing in this article.

Instead, we are talking about the owner of the farm installing commercial solar panels on the roofs of their buildings or on underused land, which generates electricity to be used by the farm. These systems can be custom-designed to meet the energy demands of running all or part of the farming operations.

Advantages of Farm Solar Panels

Reducing operating costs

Whether you farm livestock or harvest crops, energy bills can be your top expense throughout certain times of the year.

Installing commercial solar panels to the roofs of your farm outbuildings or barns could significantly reduce your bills. While it won’t always reduce the bill completely, it can make a hefty dent in it, freeing up cash for other parts of your farm.

Future Proof

If you are currently drawing energy from the National Grid via a third party, you will likely already be experiencing the rollercoaster of prices as prices rise and fall consistently from year to year.

Solar panel installation on your farm can protect you against this. Drawing energy from your own solar panels will enable you to know how much you will be paying for your energy (if anything at all).

This is especially beneficial if you are running a family farm, which you intend to pass down to younger generations in the future.

An additional advantage of installing solar panels now is that you are getting ahead of potential changes to regulations and energy provisions in the future. As climate change becomes more of a discussion and concern, renewable energy regulations are likely to be implemented. Installing solar panels now ensures you are prepared for any regulation changes in the future.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels are low maintenance as they only require cleaning, most of which is done by heavy rain.

It is recommended that you service your system annually as this will ensure it reaches its estimated lifespan, but other than that you can let it run without too much interference.

Earn Money

If your solar panel system produces more energy than you need, you can choose to sell it to the National Grid.

This provides an opportunity for additional income, making the solar panels worth the investment as the system will pay for itself.

Energy Independence

A final advantage of solar panels on your farm is that you can work to become more independent from the National Grid. This can protect from grid blackouts so your animals can remain at the right temperature and well-lit should the National Grid experience problems.

Changing the Industry Landscape

As solar panel solutions for farms are becoming more popular, they are changing the landscape within the industry in a number of ways.

Diversification of Income

As you can sell excess energy that isn’t being stored in your battery or being used by your operations, you can use it as an additional income. This helps you to reduce risks that come with traditional farming (such as bad weather ruining a crop harvest).

Land Utilisation

In many farms, there are fields, or parts of fields, that are not suitable for use. This is a waste of space as it does not provide value. However, you could invest in ground-mounted solar panels (if suitable) and make use of the space. This allows farmers to capitalise on underutilised space, as they can choose to rent it out or benefit from the solar panel energy themselves.


Farms use diesel and fuel-heavy equipment, contributing to environmental issues and climate change. The installation of solar panels on your farm can start to counteract this, as it will mean you are no longer relying on so much fossil fuel for your energy in buildings or electric fences etc. Using clean renewable energy will be more sustainable for your farm and provide green credentials.

Resilience to Climate Change

Solar panels provide a stable source of income that is less susceptible to climate-related risks such as droughts or extreme weather events, offering farmers a more resilient source of revenue.

Community Benefits

The local community can sometimes benefit from the clean, renewable energy being provided by the solar panels, meaning the farm helps the local environment.

Considering Installing Solar Panels on Your Farm?

In recent years, there has been a considerable shift to solar energy within the farming landscape. With their financial benefits, this is no surprise. However, the fact that they also offer more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, which is a growing factor in consumers’ minds, is a factor that is heavily influencing this shift.

If you are considering installing solar panels on your farm, get in touch with the Solar Service Solutions team.

With years in the solar industry, our qualified team have designed, installed and maintained solar PV systems for a range of farms across the South. We understand that every farm has its own energy challenges and demands, which is why we will design a bespoke solution with PV panels and battery storage to meet your requirements.

All our work is covered under a 10-year warranty, and we are members of the IWA Deposit & Guarantee Protection Scheme, meaning that this is valid even in the unlikely event we go out of business.

The cost of solar panel installation can be expensive, so if you are looking to add a solar solution to your farm, discover our Power Purchase Agreements.

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