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As part of our mission to promote energy efficiency and reduce the ecological impact of homes all across the UK, we’ve teamed up with trusted local home improvement companies who share the same goal. Together, our products and services can help you cut down on your heating and electricity bills, achieve energy independence, and feel great about your role in creating a greener future.

Discover the amazing companies we’ve partnered with below!

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    The Gutter & Cladding Company

    The Gutter & Cladding Company is a family-run business based in Dorset. They focus on delivering and installing highly insulated, energy-efficient windows, doors, and cladding for all types of properties. As well as specialising in all roofline, fascias, soffits and guttering solutions.

    Energy-efficient windows and doors

    Not only do The Gutter & Cladding Company’s uPVC and aluminium windows enhance the beauty of your home, but they also bring significant savings on your utility bills. They’re designed to keep your home cosy by reducing heat loss by up to 25% and effectively blocking out draughts and water. You can also sleep soundly knowing that their ultra-durable multi-locking systems will keep your home secure against break-ins.

    Even better, their windows and doors are available in a wide array of colours and styles. You’ll have countless handle and glazing customisation options to choose from, giving you complete creative control to make your home look just the way you want it.

    Insulated cladding

    The Gutter & Cladding Company’s range of cladding goes beyond just giving your home a modern makeover – it also adds an extra layer of cosiness by locking in the warmth during winter, helping you cut down on heating costs. With a wide variety of brands, styles, and colours to choose from, you can easily match it to your existing home design while giving it a stylish and contemporary touch.

    Guttering, Fascias, Soffits & Roofline

    The Gutter & Cladding Company has a team of experts offering fast and reliable gutter replacement services to help ensure that your home remains damp-free and protected all year round. With extensive experience replacing guttering of all materials, from uPVC and steel to cast iron and aluminium. With a wide range of options, available you can enhance your homes curb appeal with up-to date styles.

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    Home Lighting Store UK

    The Home Lighting Store

    Also based in Dorset, The Home Lighting Store is your go-to destination for a wide array of lighting systems, accessories, and fixtures. Their goal is to help you brighten up your home while also boosting its energy efficiency.

    LED lighting

    Upgrading to LED lighting is a simple but effective way to cut down on your electricity bills, contribute to a greener environment, and save you the hassle of frequent replacements. They use up to 75% less power and last for up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, all while costing the same or less than traditional bulbs!

    The Home Lighting Store have a fantastic variety of LED bulbs for your ceilings, walls, lamps, and more. Not only are they super energy-efficient, but they also cast a vibrant light that will make your home feel clean and modern. They’re the easiest and most budget-friendly way to boost your home’s energy efficiency and give it a fresh look.

    Get a quote on energy-efficient home improvements

    Our partners’ energy-efficient products and services can help you save money and play your part towards protecting the environment, whether used on their own or together with a high-performance solar panel system. Get a quote online or give us a call on 0330 124 2941 today!

    Sweet Cheeks

    Sweet Cheeks, is a family run business who are 100% committed to making a meaningful difference to our environment. Their business operates around the ideas of combating waste and stopping deforestation. Their sugarcane toilet rolls are eco-friendly, super soft, and twice as long as other brands. Good for you, good for the planet!

    Sugarcane Toilet Roll

    Sweet Cheeks chose sugarcane as the source of their premium toilet roll because of its inherent environmental value and excellent performance.

    Sugarcane is an environmentally friendly, fully sustainable product, with low carbon emissions.

    Strong and soft to use, Sweet Cheeks sugarcane toilet roll simply outperforms the competition in every department. It’s a bold claim, but we can back it up.

    Sweet Cheeks sugarcane toilet roll breaks down much faster than conventional paper and bamboo toilet roll.

    This performance benefit means you face a lower risk of developing blocked pipes, ensuring no expensive calls to the plumber!

    Sweet Cheeks Logo