Why do solar thermal panels need to be cleaned?

Close Up Solar Thermal Panels

If you leave a vehicle in the open air for a few months without cleaning it you will soon notice how the surface gets coated with dust and dirt, especially if in the meantime there has been a shower of “dirty rain”, a neighbour has had a bonfire or builders on an adjacent property have been grinding paving stones.

This is not to mention dirt that gets dropped rather than just settles from the atmosphere. Remember seagulls. Remember pigeons.

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And if you leave it for even longer you will see moss and other weeds growing in the vehicle’s channels and along window rubbers. So what do you think is happening to your solar thermal panels out of sight (and mind) on your roof?

They are at the mercy of the same airborne dusts and organisms, but with more serious consequences: they could be losing efficiency, which means that you might be losing money.

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How often should I have my solar thermal panels cleaned?

At least every year, and ideally every six months if you want to keep your solar thermal system in peak working order.

This will vary according to where you live and the prevailing weather conditions.

Don’t imagine that just because you live on the south coast and not in the industrial Midlands that your solar thermal panels will require less attention and maintenance.

If you live by or near the sea, your panels may acquire a film of salt as well as dirt.

What is worse, unlike ordinary dust particles, salt particles can corrode solar thermal panels as well as act as screen that lowers efficiency.

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Repairing Solar Thermal Panels
Rooftop Clean Solar Thermal Panels

What's the best way to clean solar thermal panels?

You could use a water spray, a soft brush or cloth and a range of proprietary detergents and solvents – if indeed you think that is the best way.

That’s probably the cheapest way, but it might also be the most dangerous.

And we don’t just mean that clambering up on the roof is a danger in itself – rather that you may not have the time to clean thoroughly or the expertise to notice damage or faults that require urgent attention before they develop into something worse.

Why choose us to clean your solar thermal panels?

We have an experienced team of solar thermal panel engineers who can:

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  • upgrade
  • repair

All types of solar panel systems, domestic and commercial to the highest professional working methods and standards.

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Solar Thermal Panels

The best way to clean your solar thermal panels is to use a professional solar panel and maintenance company.