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Benefits Of Installing Commercial Solar Panels On Your Nursing Home

Benefits Of Installing Commercial Solar Panels On Your Nursing Home

Nursing homes and care homes play a vital part in our community, looking after the elderly. However, running a nursing home is energy intensive as they light each room, heat and cool every area to keep it at a comfortable temperature and run a kitchen to provide delicious homecooked meals. This is why installing solar panels on nursing homes is becoming popular; because they offer a number of benefits that combat high bills and environmental issues, all the while providing a stable and reliable energy source.

In this blog, we run through the benefits of installing commercial solar panels on your nursing home.

Cost saving

A nursing home requires a lot of energy, which means that they can be expensive to run.

Adding commercial solar panels to your nursing home can help reduce this cost, as you are able to generate your own electricity rather than buy it from third-party providers.

Additionally, you are likely to see a return on investment quickly because of the high use of electricity, providing you with additional finances to put elsewhere.

Finally, with Power Purchase Agreements, you don’t need to worry about the upfront costs of solar panel installation on your nursing home, as you can benefit from the energy produced by the solar panels on your roof at a reduced rate.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Solar panels produce clean, renewable energy, which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than conventional energy resources.

Relying on the National Grid also means that you are relying on the use of fossil fuels increasing your carbon footprint. This is because the process of generating energy emits greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere.

In reducing your reliance on the National Grid and fossil fuels, you are also helping to preserve natural resources and landscapes. The National Grid relies on resources such as coal, oil and natural gas which all have to be mined. The mining process damages the surrounding areas and means we are using a finite resource while destroying natural habitats.

By installing solar panels, you can also serve as a role model for sustainability, encouraging others in their community to adopt environmentally friendly practices. This can lead to a broader adoption of renewable energy technologies and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Plus, you can benefit from being considered an eco-conscious nursing home, as many people now look for nursing homes that are actively seeking ways to minimise their carbon footprint.

Independence from the National Grid

As mentioned above, adding solar panels to your nursing home reduces your reliance on the National Grid. This, in itself, offers several benefits.

Moving away from the National Grid reduces your vulnerability to disruptions to energy supply. This means that you are unlikely to be impacted by blackouts, a big benefit when you are relying on energy supply for medical equipment.

Additionally, by generating your own energy or being part of a power purchase agreement, you are removed from any price fluctuations put in place by third parties and an ever-changing price cap. This allows you to budget with confidence in your energy prices.

Make money back

Thanks to the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), if you own your solar panels, you can sell any excess energy generated back to the National Grid, meaning that you have an extra bit of income, which you can use in other areas of your care home.

Plus, this works towards you being an eco-friendly nursing home as it enables the rest of the UK to reduce its reliance on energy generated by fossil fuels.

Invest in Solar Panels For Your Nursing Home

As you can see, adding solar panels to your nursing home brings many benefits. Not only will they help reduce energy bills and save money, but they will also reduce your impact on the environment and increase your green credentials.

If you are looking to install solar panels on your nursing home roof, the team at Solar Service Solutions are happy to help.

As an accredited team, we are efficient in installing all the equipment needed, making sure we reduce the disruption to you and your residents.

Quality is our priority, so we will design and fit a solar panel and battery storage system using products that we know will perform to the highest standards. Additionally, we offer a 30-year panel guarantee and a 5-year workmanship guarantee, so you can have peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, you would be covered.

Learn more about our tailored solar panel systems for your nursing home and request a quote today by calling our team on 0330 124 2941 or completing our contact form.

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